Some Search Engines Possibly NOT Run By Fascists ...

What we put in our website is a small file called robots.txt

Its contents are ...

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

User-agent: *

If you put a file like this into the top-level directory of your website, you can (or at least, should legally be able to ...) prevent all those search engines you consider to be fascistic from indexing your page.

There are a lot of search engines worth to support. Yes, even micro-soft, an utmost ugly thing in nearly every other thinkable field, is here only a minor player, so we can use it without supporting the wrong.

Here are some alternatives:

    (Behind this facade there are few search engines which pay for the rain forest for every click of an advertisment. You can do so for hours with your left toe and get the feeling of doing good!)
  3. (is also yahoo, but sorted differently)
  4. (this is a camouflage of micro-soft, but see remark above !-)

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